Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is there a connection between Psych meds & murder/suicides?

Another day, another school shooting in America. I've always thought there could be some kind of link between psychiatric meds and shootings. Many of the individuals responsible have been taking these meds, as I'm sure many other bloggers and smarter people than I have deduced. (SSRI Stories does probably a better job than me in outlining this topic not just for school incidents, but overall.)

So, I thought I would do a quick google search regarding the recent shooter - Jaylen Fryberg - and "drugs", just to see what came up. Well, to my surprise (chortle), one of the first links that comes up:

Jaylen Fryberg's school just chosen for grant to address "Violent prevention".

In a nutshell, the shooters school district was just given a $10 million dollar federal contract (along with 2 other schools in the district), to "work to create a safe school environment that provides mental health services to students in need, addresses violence prevention, and establishes safe school policies." Hmm, too little, too late? Here's the press release: "Three districts to share $10 million federal grant".

Perhaps not every school shooting involves psychiatric medications, but there is a connection somewhere if we looked and researched deeper. "Psychiatric drugs and Mass Murder: Exploring the connection". 

Why aren't there any $10 million dollar grants into studying links between psychiatric meds, and possible links between mass murder? Maybe because big pharma lobbies against such studies? That the FDA is run by such pharma companies? "Is big pharma bad"

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