Sunday, February 3, 2013

News that's fit to memory hole

I recently came across some news that said that a British defence company known as Britam had their servers hacked and information and emails were leaked. In particular, emails pertaining to our govt possibly giving a nod of acceptance for the company to utilize CW (see article) in Syria as if to make it look like it was done by the Syrian govt. The guy in the email thinks it's a bad idea, but that there is substantial money involved!!

Back in december, defense secretary Leon Panetta said that "strong but circumstantial" evidence that Assad was going to use CW's at over two doz locations. But recently, with the hacked emails, the US has backed off from this assertion.

Panetta: ' intelligence on Syria’s chemical weapons had “really kind of leveled off.” '

Also within the hacked treasure trove is information on Iran, specifically how to attack as well as suggesting other false flag operations utilizing CW.

Now what is really disturbing to me is how this has barely made headlines! One place where it did exist, on the daily mail out of the UK has been "memory holed". Orwellian newspeak for it no longer exists there.

So, do false flag events happen? Has history shown us that a govt won't use a catastrophe to benefit an agenda? No matter if that event was perpetrated by the good guys or the bad guys? And who are the "good guys" anyways? Companies like Britam? Bechtel? Monsanto? The US govt? Do we really believe that a gov, any gov, doesn't work towards pushing an agenda forward by any means necessary?

Hey, there's this bridge I's a steal!!