Friday, August 7, 2009

CDC SWOT analysis & Vaccine Safety media strategy

So the CDC decided to do a "strenghts, weakness, opportunities, threats" analysis on vaccinations.

Here's just one sentence: "Hostile parents and non-professionals who envision vaccines as more harmful to individual children than good or believe in conspiracy theories related to vaccination programs."

Hostile parents? Of course we're hostile!! You inject our children with things that we have no knowledge of except for what you tell us, which we are now finding out, have been written by "ghostwriters" WHO WORKED FOR THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES PUSHING THE DRUGS THEY WANT!!

Then, when our children get autism, or ADD, ADHD, or ADDBYCDC, or DIE, LITERALLY DEAD, DEATH, NO PASSING GO, from a vaccine, which really, isn't a vaccine against a pandemic which is spreading rampantly across the country in such a fashion that every girl under 18 needs to get it, you say that it's not the vaccines fault.

AARGH, I just don't understand how we're able to sit back and allow all of this ridiculousness to go on. I'm just as bad, I haven't done much, but I'm trying to raise awareness, and my due diligence. I only hope that there are others doing theirs.

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